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Choosing the right diamond can be overwhelming, especially
when it’s for someone special. Before you go and buy, there are a few factors you must consider. Let our Diamond Experts at Diamond Ring Studio be your guide during the buying process.

Where can you find the right diamond
for your forever someone?

Why We’re The Best Fit For You?

Diamond Ring Studio stands out from the rest with years of experience in diamond buying, offering unmatched value to its customers. We source diamonds directly from global hubs, guaranteeing the highest quality for your diamond ring.

Our team of expert advisors will guide you through the diamond selection process, providing a personalized tutorial on the essential quality components of a diamond. By learning about the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat, you’ll be able to choose the perfect diamond that matches your partner’s preferences and budget. Trust us to help you find the best diamond for your loved one.

VIP Diamond Ring Services

Discover the perfect engagement ring that fulfills your dreams with Diamond Ring Studio’s exclusive range of GIA diamonds. Choose from the best selection and customize your own design. Don’t settle for less, make your proposal extraordinary.


Personalize Your Diamond

Bring your dream engagement ring to life with Diamond Ring Studio’s Custom Diamond Ring Design Services. We provide the tools and expertise to turn your vision into a sparkling reality. With unparalleled customer service and access to the finest diamonds, we can help you create a unique and personalized engagement ring.

Owner, Ed Loussarian

Hi, I’m Ed Loussarrian the owner of Diamond Ring Studio. I’ve have had the privilege of designing and creating beautiful diamond jewellery for over 30 years!

My career started as a diamond setter working on the jewelers’ bench setting diamonds into jewellery . Later I moved on to become a Certified Diamontologist.

My love of jewellery led me to open Diamond Ring Studio Pickering. This allowed me to use my years of experience and exceptional customer service to place where my clients are valued and educated in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Ultimately, I strive to make each client feel confident in choosing the right diamond, at the right price, for the perfect ring! It continues daily to be my passion to create the perfect engagement ring or jewellery piece for my clients.

The process is simple; one-to-one personal service, where we go through each step making sure your finished piece is exactly what you envisioned.

It continues to be a pleasure to help my clients create thousands of engagement rings and wedding bands over the years, and it would be my pleasure to help you!

Security Dog, Louie The Pug

Meet our security dog Louie. He is our friendly and obedient protector who can be caught working on the job or enjoying his doggie bed. Louie is a loyal employee that tends to create a bond with our customers. His love for people and attention to detail make him the perfect fit for our team.

If you find yourself not to be a fan of our security at Diamond Ring Studio please let us know and we’ll make sure he’s not scheduled that day!