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When buying a diamond, the more you know about its quality, the better your choice will be when you are selecting. The standardized way of communicating a diamond’s quality is by addressing the 4 Cs. Knowing the cut, clarity, colour, and carat of a diamond will help you choose the right diamond and ensure you get the value you are paying for. Our friendly experts at Diamond Ring Studio will help you know the value of a diamond before buying. With some diamond knowledge, you’ll know exactly why it’s the one for you.


There is no better way to see what diamond is right for you then to compare it side by side. You’ll be surprised to see how one diamond sparkles clearer than another. Only by contrasting and comparing, will you be able to find your diamond. 

To help educate you on what to expect, GIA has built an interactive tool to engage you about the 4 Cs of diamond quality.

We are Truly Custom Designers — Your Ring is Unique

Since we pride ourselves in custom designed rings, our expert team at Diamond Ring Studio is more than happy to spend time discussing your vision to bring it to reality.

During your first consultation, you can expect a thorough conversation. We want to make sure all of us are on the same page. There is no rush when it comes to making sure the ring of your dreams is the same ring that we custom design for you. By personalizing your ring, there will never be another just like yours!

Your Trusted, Reliable Source for Diamonds

Diamond Ring Studio is your trusted source for the finest quality diamonds at the best price possible. Our reputation is based on integrity in the diamond business and the promise we make to our customers. We are celebrated for our reliable service, honest pricing, and excellent customer care.

We only provide our clients with GIA certified diamonds. GIA is the largest, most-respected nonprofit source of gemological knowledge in the world. Meaning, you can be sure that the diamond you choose at Diamond Ring Studio is upheld to the highest diamond standards.

Make an appointment today and discover how we keep our promise to each and every customer.

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Diamond Rings Customized Just For You

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, anniversary ring, wedding band or more. Our collection of rings and customization services are guaranteed to meet and exceed your vision. Don’t settle when it comes to picking the perfect ring! We will guide you through the entire process ensuring the final product brings a “diamond-like” sparkle to your eye.

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